Excercise Thoughts

I'm in a real dilemma about what to do about exercising. It's my normal dilemma, especially this time of year. I haven't exercised properly for years. I walk for about 1 hour a day with my doggy, but not very fast and it doesn't get my heart rate up. I cycle sometimes, but I have a eco electric bike, so it's cheating! I also don't need to cycle much so getting a proper bike wouldn't help. I don't really like any exercise. I'm much more of a sit down with glass of wine kind of person! I don't like gyms, I always feel stupid in them and get bored. I've tried lots of dvds (pilates, ballet, yoga, etc) but even if I enjoy the workouts I only do them once or twice and then have no discipline and just watch TV! I'm not disciplined enough to go to classes, and because I often work long odd hours I can always make the excuse I don't have time, plus I often feel stupid at classes too. The last class I went to I couldn't work out how the clipy things fitted on the weights and the instructor just laughed at me! Didn't even try to help me, so I felt foolish! I've considered getting a personal trainer, one that will come and ring my doorbell and hassle me, but it doesn't sound much fun, and I'd rather spend the money on food or clothes. Weight bearing exercise is good for your bones and anti aging and anti cancer etc, so ideally I should do something. Any thoughts?