Time to Move

Nowhere spectacular. Out of the living room and back into my office. I miss being in my office. I really do. But, I am a procrastinator. If I find a comfy spot I can find dozens of reasons not to budge. In my office I have a six foot work table (picnic table). Everything I need is on that table and I have it set so I'm facing my most creative direction (that's another post). It's all perfect. It's all cluttered just right. Once a year youngest daughter sheepishly asks to borrow my table. She has a large family and many guests for dinner and buffet style is the only sane way to serve. So once a year my office gets a major overhaul. Files cleaned out. In/out baskets sorted and pitched (the mail and notes not the baskets). Clean, clean, organize. This year when the table left I moved to the living room to enjoy my decorations. 

Since I usually have them on the sun porch the neighbors get to enjoy them but I don't. This year the porch stayed empty and I enjoyed my decorations. The daughter did something new this year. She returned my work table on the 16 of July. What's up with that? Didn't matter. I still didn't move to my office. You see, in that short time I managed to cover every open surface with "something to take care of later." Now it's later. There's a mess in there. I have straighten it all up before I can work in there. I hate the idea of starting the year by repeating what I did less than a month ago. It's all done now. Ready to welcome me to write. Must admit I'm more than a little excited. Does a clean organized workspace excite the creative juices for you?