Online Diet and Weight Loss Program

Now, for the first time, this very same online diet and weight-loss program used by the country's leading healthcare and media companies is available directly to the consumers in the privacy of her or his home. The new Weight Shapes is the result of over six years of testing and development and incorporates suggestions from hundreds of dieters! Newly launched Weight Shapes offers visitors free access to the following:
  1. Diet and fitness evaluation - Personal reports to identify the specific dietary and physical activity habits that the person should change, including dietary habits that are contributing to his / her current weight problem; as well as identifying those that should be maintained.
  2. Information - Easy navigation through different channels loaded with articles, recipes, tips and updated diet, fitness and health news.
  3. Community - Encouraging visitors to participate in forums and chat rooms.
  4. Diet and recipe Exchange - Enabling visitors to post their favorite diets and recipes, rate the recipes of their choice, save the best recipes and even participate in a monthly award of the best rated recipe.
  5. Weekly e-newsletter - With the latest information about diet, fitness and health.
A revolutionary characteristic of Weight Shapes are the people who support members in achieving their goals. A culturally-appropriate weight-management portal, supported by dietitians available for counseling through live chat, email and telephone, offers an attractive option for men and women who want to lose weight healthy.